What I'm Reading

Sugar Cream Pie: A (belated) Valentine for the late, great Richard Sax

Your French custard with prunes makes me sigh with longing. And your sugar cream pie? I am swooning.

Richard Sax, you are dead and gone, but my love for your magnum opus, Classic Home Desserts, will never die. (Are there three more delicious words in the English language than classic home desserts? With apologies to Henry James, no.)

In Watermelon Sugar

Somewhere between watermelon bubblegum and the watermelon gazpacho with chorizo sorbet that I savored in Paris last summer, there is a line of verse from Richard Brautigan on loop in my head: In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar.

Grandpa Ralph's Salad Dressing: A Reflection on Writing from the Heart—and the Belly

When I was 18, my future grandfather-in-law, a distinguished epidemiologist, gave me the once-over and asked: “Do you have any ambition?”

As I remember it, Grandpa Ralph was eating a grapefruit and wearing a plaid bathrobe, but the words might as well have come from the King of England. I was mortified.

“I want to be a writer,” I muttered.