May 2014

Grandpa Ralph's Salad Dressing: A Reflection on Writing from the Heart—and the Belly

When I was 18, my future grandfather-in-law, a distinguished epidemiologist, gave me the once-over and asked: “Do you have any ambition?”

As I remember it, Grandpa Ralph was eating a grapefruit and wearing a plaid bathrobe, but the words might as well have come from the King of England. I was mortified.

“I want to be a writer,” I muttered. 

I am Grant Achatz, the Greatest Chef in the World!

Bagel with bacon and blueberries

Grant Achatz is big in our house. A frequent dinner table conversation goes something like this:

Five-year-old Blaise: “I am the great chef Grant Achatz. Here is my creation!” (Displays bagel topped with cream cheese, bacon, frozen blueberries.)

Seven-year-old Beau: “No, I am Grant Achatz. I am the greatest chef in the world!”

Blaise: “No, Mommy is Grant Achatz!”

Beau: “Yeah, Mommy, you are Grant Achatz!”

Apparently, I am raising total food geeks.